Social and Environmental Responsability

Accordingly with its mission of profitably explore oil with social, environmental and corporate responsibility, Novapetroleo sets up its Safety, Health and Environmental Policy (SHE) , with the following commitments:

  • All our ventures prioritize the healthiness of our employees, environmental conservation and the operational safety in our process.
  • To fulfill all the oil exploration legislation requirements that supports occupational health and cover the environment preservation wherever Novapetroleo activities are being developed.
  • To permanently seek results supported by ethics in all decisions and actions and the application of sustainable, optimized, rational and efficient of its human, material and financial resource.
  • To promote professional improvement and encourage personal development of all our employees, valuing innovative solutions, team work and the respect for people and institutions.
  • To provide to the parties information about the performance of the environmental management, operational safety and occupational health, granting transparency of all company activities
  • To keep a continuous improvement of the environmental management, operational safety and occupational health at Novapetroleo, in order to always adopt the best practices in the oil industries for all its processes, which allows establishment, accompaniment, and revision of the goals and management goals.
  • To sow within our direct and indirect collaborators and stakeholders the consciousness about each one responsibility, the ones who play leadership roles above all, in occupational accidents prevention and environmentally responsible operations.

Novapetroleo implements the Program of Integration and Social Comunication with the Baixa de Areia and Estevão communities, and encourage sustainable farming practices, restating its commitment with brazilian society with a better environmental quality and to do not pollute, degrade or negatively impact the environment, near or far, long or short term with its activites.


The company is committed with safety, people welfare and environment,  through permanent awareness campaigns, employees training and local community relationship.